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Season One

INTEL Season One Synopsis:

Mike Norris and his top secret intel team infiltrate deep into Communist China to search for the origin of the pandemic virus. But that’s just the beginning. They must pursue multiple, active threats, while at the same time getting the coronavirus evidence they need…before their source disappears. If they’re caught, they will face interrogation by the Chinese Communist Party. But if they get lucky, they will be asking the questions.

INTEL Season One contains twenty-one thrilling episodes, detailing the struggles of this small, dedicated group of patriots, protecting America from perilous global threats.


Hard Cover Edition

Includes a bonus epilogue

The Xray hardcover EPILOGUE connects the storyline to John’s new thriller book, INTEL Season One

Xray Hardcover Synopsis:

After foiling Communist China’s plot to threaten America with a first-strike missile attack, Mike Norris and his top-secret counterintelligence team, Xray, were forced off the grid. But now they are back and on a new mission, pursuing illicit heavy-weapons trafficking in Libya. When things go sideways there, a source reluctantly gives up shadowy alliances controlling the flow of the weapons. But the team has been burned and again has to go into hiding.

In isolation and almost impossible to locate, Norris and team co-leader Ron Cull are found by an unexpected visitor, enticing them to bring Xray back to full operational status. But this time they are giving themselves the objectives and the targets. Norris, Cull, and Xray need to follow the flow of weapons, money, and power—covertly—no matter where it leads. They must use their espionage skills to rattle the upper echelons of government and pursue the truth, even though they might not like what they find. And in the end, they put their lives on the line to bring justice to an enemy with American blood on his hands.

The Xray hardcover bonus epilogue connects Xray’s storyline to John McCord’s latest thriller book, INTEL Season One.

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