The Sun In The Eastern Sky

The Sun in The Eastern Sky is the next fast-paced adventure in the Mike Norris franchise by author John McCord. In his latest thrilling read, John McCord establishes Mike’s complicated integration into the Top Secret counterintelligence team known—only to a select few—as Xray.

Getting a Chinese defector out of communist China is one thing, but extracting several defectors and the state secrets they are carrying can be damned near impossible. Unless the team going in after them is called Xray. Beginning in Henan Province, China, the wild ride leads them to an extraction point near the banks of the Yellow River. But Mike and the team pay a heavy price to protect the assets they’ve acquired.

Xray is forced into hiding, and Mike is told to stand down. But Mike’s time of reflection and a surprise visit from an old nemesis begin to convince him that the problems they encountered in the foothills of China may not have been an accident.

Despite the mission’s difficulties, the leaders of an association known simply as the Society—the secretive guardians of global private wealth—approve of Mike as their top intelligence analyst. Then an intelligence tip from former Mossad operative Josh Weisman leads Mike to team up with Lt. Commander Ron Cull, the Navy SEAL tasked with putting Team Xray back together. Again paired with the nation’s top counterintelligence team, Mike must summon from within all of his analytical abilities, his cunning, and his savvy in order to solve the mystery of who tried to take them down.

The Sun In The Eastern Sky is the sequel to Sneak Attack.