Sneak Attack: A Novel


Sneak Attack is the electrifying precursor to John McCord’s new thriller, The Sun In The Eastern Sky. In Sneak Attack, Internet multimillionaire Mike Norris takes his newfound wealth and throws in with an elite group of civilian and government intelligence gatherers.

Reluctant at first, having just fallen into sudden wealth at the top of the Internet stock bubble in 2000, Mike’s friends finally help him out of his emotional slump. But after 9/11, the stakes have never been higher to find out what the geopolitical players are up to. With the CIA in disarray—including a particular CIA agent bent on bringing Mike Norris down—Mike and his friends have to dig for clues by working outside of the system.

Years of hacking into enemy websites finally pay off, however, and Mike and the team find themselves working against the odds to foil a devastating EMP sneak attack, which, if successful, would bring America to her knees.

Available now in e-book format for $2.99.